Refined and precise targeting

The Shiny team has reached a 20-year experience in the acquisition, processing and display of digital traffic data in True Real Time.

The technological power of ShinySense DMP allows the predictive analysis of the audience behaviour, in full compliance with the Privacy rules in force. The reliability of the results is guaranteed by the high number of feedbacks that Shiny DMP can get under its Network, distributed across the different market sectors. The system is based on a package of algorithms in continuous evolution with self-learning ability that allows to reach increasing levels of precision on the basis of the use.

This approach allows ShinySense to profile the digital traffic data on a totally anonymous statistic base.

Leveraging its real time processing capabilities, in fact, allows advertisers to purchase only the sought inventory.

The result is a higly refined and precise targeting, critical to deliver advertising in a focused manner, thus minimizing waste.

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