Real time analysis tools of the Internet audience

ShinyStat™ is the browser-based collection system capable of processing and aggregating data in real time in accordance with the laws and regulations in force for the Privacy of the Internet users.

More than 200.000 active users demonstrate the leadership of ShinysStat™ in the Italian Internet environment. In the past ten years, they have contributed to the growth of its widespread presence.

The extreme reliability, precision and ease of use in each area of analysis -Web, Video, Mobile and App – are responsible for the success of the constantly evolving platform of audience analysis.

Thanks to a control panel that can summarize in a clear and immediate way complex dynamics, this tool gained the trust of and became popular with an extremely large number of users.

Strategic observation point

The Company owes its deep knowledge of the dynamics of the digital traffic on different devices to the fact that ShinyStat, “longstanding service of Analytics”, is still today the second most important operator in the market for the amount of Tags installed.

The experience gained in the field allows to represent, in a precise and analytical way, market trends and the most common attitudes and behaviours of the Web users.

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